Sister Doctor Squared

5. What is La Niña? Can it really lead to diarrhoea?

January 22, 2021

In this episode, Aleena and Janine respond to a listener question (#exciting!): Deepak got in touch to ask them to explain the La Niña weather cycle that he keeps hearing about in the news in Australia this Summer. They start by breaking down the science that causes La Niña (and El Niño) weather patterns across the globe. Then they go deeper into some research showing how this global weather system can lead to or worsen diarrhoeal disease and even increase the likelihood of future pandemics. Meanwhile, Aleena explains why she can now recite the Nato Phonetic Alphabet, and Janine regales us with tales of a card game for any fellow evolutionary biology nerds!

Full show notes at the Sister Doctor Squared website

Intro and Outro music by Dr Adrian Diery

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